Sweet 16

16 years ago today I married the man of my dreams – Matt Fry. I met Matt when I was a senior in High School and he was a freshman in college. It took 7 years for God to get us together. We never lived in the same town, but through the 7 years God kept bringing us across each other paths. We were in our mid twenties when we finally lived in the same town and were great friends and then started dating and a year later we were married.

The thing that attracted me to Matt was his passion for God. In his passion for God I knew he was going to do big things for God. He wasn’t going to be somebody who sat on the side lines and rocked along, he has always been a big visionary. He was like that as a youth minister and now a pastor.

Another thing that attracted me to Matt was his easy going personality, and now 16 years later the thing that can drive me crazy is his easy going personality. 🙂 Isn’t it funny sometimes the things that attract you can be the very thing that drives you crazy.

Through the 16 years it has been an adventure – never a dull moment. We have experienced the good, the great, and the terrible. But God has grown each of us to be more like Him. Our marriage gets better and better as we work at it. And that is one thing that has been consistent through the 16 years – we are both committed to do whatever it takes to make our marriage great.

This is us after 16 years…


“I love you Matt and can’t wait to see all that’s going to happen in the next 16 years!!!”


  • Erin

    Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for leading by example and being a great inspiration to all of us!

  • Lynn Thomas

    Congratulations Martha & Matt! Happy Anniversary! Your example of what it takes to have a healthy Christian marriage certainly made a huge difference in ours. We love you both!
    Ronnie & Lynn

  • Congratulations!! I feel privileged to have been there with you when we met Matt on the back of that pick-up truck Christmas Caroling with Unity FWB church… and knowing so many of the funny stories of how God brought you guys together in spite of yourselves. 🙂 Hope you guys have an awesome anniversary and many more to come. Love you both.

  • Dan

    Congratulations to the both of you. I appreciate what the both of you are doing for the body of Christ. I am sure at times has been a sacrifice, but through it all have kept your family first.
    Bless you both,
    Dan and Torey

  • Duane

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I know Pastor has huge plans for you two tonight. I’m sure there is a Braves game on TV tonight. LOL Or maybe not. Enjoy and see you tomorrow.
    Kelli and Duane

  • Nate and Cindy

    You guys are the best. Congrats on an incredible milestone. 16 years is a lot of hard work. You set a great example. Thanks for your dedication to the Kingdom, C3, your family, and to each other. Abundant blessings to you & yours –
    the Fairfield family

  • Leigh

    Congratulations Pastor Matt and Martha. You both give so much. I hope your anniversary was wonderful and that you have many more years of vision and excitment.

  • Amanda Boyle

    What a pretty family. (:
    It’s so cool to hear about how you two got together and how it was all God’s doing. I love those. 🙂