One question I get a lot is ‘what kinds of supplements do I take?’

Let me start off by saying I believe there is only one way to God and that is through Jesus, however, health is different. I believe there are many ways to health. So what am I saying? I think there are a lot of good vitamin and minerals out there.

Some that I like:
Great Physicians RX (They have great supplements)
Trivita (this is the doctor and supplements James Robinson uses and talks about. I really like their B-12)
A great liquid vitamin/mineral supplement is Bazi. (I order from Patience Leino) Like I said it is a liquid and if you hear me saying I need a Bazi shot that is what I am talking about!

Juice Plus also has some good things.

The next most asked question is ‘what do I take on a daily basis?’
1. Multi-vitamin
2. Enzyme to help digest food
3. Probotic – to help with digestion and keep healthy flora and bacteria in the body
4. Omega -3

Actually, I should say my whole family takes these on a daily basis.

Have fun surfing the web! Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember just start moving forward. Even if you take a step back, keep pushing forward!

Here is to a healthy you,

  • Jennifer

    I wanted to add that Probiotics are very good (I hope that yours are refrigerated because those are the best kinds).

  • Martha, your blog is so practical…..I love reading it! Thanks for all you do…

  • George Winstead

    Jennifer and I loved your sermon last week. You made a difficult topic to preach very entertaining and informative. You seemed to hit another home run! Thanks again.