Super Sunday!

The Super Bowl is not the only exciting thing happening Sunday. We are having Super Sunday with Johnny and Daniel Evans at C3.
Johnny is the radio analyst for the Wolfpack and his son Daniel is the QB for NC State. Everyone will receive a cool gift and we also have some autographed footballs. Gonna be a great day!
Then Sunday night our Student Ministry will be sponsoring a Super Bowl party at C3.
By the way… Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl? Patriots or Giants? My son Caleb is predicting an upset. Giants 22. Patriots 21. What’s your prediction?

  • Dan

    Oh unfortunatly its going to be New England 38-17. I dont like them but they are the better team.
    Go Giants!

  • Andy Jones

    UNC Tarheels Baby!!!! As for the super bowl Patriots 24 Giants 17.

  • Cory

    I say Giants 24 Pats. 21, what can I say, everyone loves to see a Goliath go DOWN!!!!!

  • Joel

    I want the Giants to win so bad I can taste it! My prediction though, Pats by 3.

  • Bruce

    I gotta go with the NFC team, so here’s my prediction for an upset: Giants 34, Patriots 30.

  • ken s.

    New England 34 New York 24.
    This is year for the 24 but not the top number for super Bowl. Go Panthers!

  • Sue Ballard

    As I commented earlier Patriots 27 – 17. The “Brady Bunch” too much.