Super Sunday Pics, Reflections and Crazy Skit

Sunday was our first-ever Super Sunday. Obviously we named it that because of the Super Bowl… but it actually was a SUPER Sunday. Johnny and Daniel Evans did an amazing job sharing their story and how God has changed their life. You can listen to the podcast here, watch the vodcast here, or watch the flash video on the C3 website. And the worship center was filled at both services as we had our highest attendance ever at C3! I want to thank all of our first touch teams for doing such a great job helping our guests find parking and seats. You guys rock!

Here are some pics of Super Sunday. By the way I want to thank Gregory Johnson for taking all of these amazing pics.

(The band rocked hard)

(Daniel Evans, Me, Martha, and Johnny Evans)

(On stage with the Evans’)

Then Sunday night, the students hosted a Super Bowl party with close to 250 attending and 15 students prayed to receive Christ! I want to thank our student ministers Scott & Tammy Randlett and Cory & Krystal Bolduc and the entire student ministry leadership for all of their hard work! By the way, on Sunday morning, Scott Randlett and Christian Painter dressed up in full football gear and did a hilarious skit promoting their Super Bowl party. C3chrch2008_0203_122259aavi
(Christian & Scott)

You can go to here and watch it on YouTube.

  • Duane

    Another outstanding weekend at C3. The bar keeps getting raised higher and higher. Kelli and I can’t wait to see how God is going to use C3 in the upcoming year!