Still Reflecting on Africa

One week ago today, we returned from our trip to Swaziland and I am still reflecting on all that God did in our lives.  I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience and I am so excited to see all that God does as we continue to partner with Children’s Cup.  Here are a few thoughts…

  • Swaziland is a beautiful country!  It has rolling hills and in October, their purple trees are in full bloom.
  • Swaziland is a Kingdom, ruled by a King who has 14 wives!  Wow.
  • 40% of this country has AIDS.
  • Through partnering with Children’s cup, 10,000 children are cared for every day.
  • So blessed to spend time with Ben and Susan Rogers, and Dave and Jean Ohlerking.  Amazing leaders who are building God’s kingdom.
  • We got to see a family of lions up close.  Cool stuff.
  • Incredible to watch our 3 children serve food and play with the children in the Care Points.  So proud of them.
  • So blessed to spend time with two of the children that our family has been sponsoring: 13 year old girl, Pumie and a 9 year old boy, Lonsen.  We took them to a store and bought them some new clothes and shoes.
  • Praying BIG prayers for 2009 and beyond!

Here are a few pics from Africa.


(Me with Isaac Williams and Dave Ohlerking in Mozambique)


(Martha and Dave Ohlerking with one of the children)


(With Pumie and her grandmother)


(Caroline and some children)


(Speaking at Healing Place Church Swaziland)


(Few feet from Lions!)


(Caleb and some boys in the Care Point)


(Caroline serving food)


(Playing games with the children)


(Caleb playing soccer)

  • jean ohlerking

    The CarePoint children will never forget your visit. You have touched and helped change lives–they saw and felt the love of Jesus in the Fry Family. Thanks for coming and sharing your love.