Still Reflecting… on God and Country Day

I’m still reflecting on all that God did this past Sunday for our God and Country Day.  Those of you that have been a part of C3 for a while know that we’ve had many exciting and powerful weekends where we were blown away by the goodness of God… but I think this past Sunday was unlike any other we’ve ever had.  Here are a few thoughts…

  • There’s something special about being a part of a church family that is so passionate and so generous and this past Sunday was another example! I couldn’t help but get emotional as I saw hundreds of people bringing their care boxes for the military.  I heard of many from the community that heard about what we were doing and brought boxes.  There was one family that was on their way to Catholic Mass and dropped off their care box.  It’s all about the Kingdom baby.  Another family was at WalMart Sunday morning and heard about the Dale Jr. #88 car being at C3 they came by to check it out and then they decided to fill up a care box. 


  • God and Country Day went way beyond our 47 acre campus!  Not only are we sending a couple of thousands care boxes to Iraq and Afghanistan but several local tv stations reporting and I believe a total of 4 local news stations highlighted C3 and God and Country Day in their Sunday and Monday news.  Marty, the one man party, from WQDR Country 94.7 was there all morning doing a live remote broadcast.  We also had an article in Raleigh’s News and Observer.. front page of their Triangle and Co. section.  I want to thank John Murawski for doing such a fantastic job writing this article!  And I have to admit I don’t remember anyone telling me I look like Bono from U2 but I take that as a compliment.  You can check it out the article here.                                             


(John and I talking before the first service)                                                                           

  • THANK YOU to hundreds of Volunteers!  I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers that made this past Sunday so amazing.  To have so many things happening (helicopter, 88 car, snow cones, Amp drink give aways, flag give aways, care boxes collected, live cam)  Everyone did a fantastic job… from parking cars, greeting thousands of people, worship band rocked, tech teams did a great job, students put flags out, children’s ministry served snow cones and provided a great program, etc.  I also want to thank Glenn Robertson from Fairway Ministries for partnering with us as we provided care boxes for the military and for bringing us the #88 car! It is so true that Teamwork makes the Dream work!
  • Al T

    Sunday rocked… God be the Glory. What blessing to be a part of God’s moving in such a powerful way.

  • Rod

    Great blog!
    Thank you for teaching us at C3 to be”above and beyond givers!”
    “Operation We Care” was a true example of Kingdom Building.