As we begin the year, I wanted to share with you how we can start our new year off strong! The first way that I shared was by giving to God our firstfruits and returning back to Him 10% of what He blesses us with. The second way is through giving Him our first through Praying. And the third way is:

When I was growing up in church I never heard much about fasting. The only time I would fast was for athletics because I had to make a certain weight class for wrestling and that certainly didn’t draw me closer to God. In fact, in some ways it became a stumbling block when I first starting fasting for spiritual reasons. I have discovered that fasting is powerful and has a way of cleansing us spiritually and physically! Daniel took 21 days to fast and pray to God by eating primarily fruits and vegetables and cutting out the meats and the sweets. For 21 Days many of us will be doing the Daniel Fast but you may choose to do a partial fast or to fast in another area of your life such as TV or social media. Whatever it is that you want to give to God for 21 Days, let me encourage you to stretch yourself! The goal is not to lose weight but to submit ourselves to God and grow closer to Him!

Beginning January 7, we will be following Dr. Elmer Town’s book, “Fasting with the Lord’s Prayer”. Let me encourage you to get the book and let’s take this journey together!
You can purchase a copy of his book at C3 Church on Sunday or the C3 Café Monday – Friday. You can also find his book online.

Let’s kick the year off strong by Giving To Him, Praying With Him and
Fasting For Him! I can’t wait to see all God is going to do in and through your life this year!