Start Today

I’m back!!!  Something I have come to know about myself and am willing to admit is that I am GREAT at starting new things…but (if I’m not intentional) not as great at maintaining  them!  The most recent example would be this blog!  🙂  When I launched this blog I was full of great intentions and great ideas (that I still have) for  posts, and somewhere along the line the number of days between blog posts grew and grew!

But it’s a NEW DAY!!!  Starting today, I am going to start fresh with  As I press the ‘re-start’ button on the blog, I know that there will likely be another season where the days between blogs increase, but I’ll make the decision to start again!

This idea of starting fresh with our intentions goes way beyond blog posts into all areas of our lives.  If you are like me, we can start with great intentions, whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or if we just wake up one day with a desire to change, but when the excitement of starting wears off the idea of maintaining isn’t as fun!

Here are some examples…


Quiet Time

Date Nights w/ our Spouse

Saving Money


Serving in Church

Cooking Meals at Home

Family Time

And the list can go on and on…. What about you? What did you start with great intention, but have stopped doing?  What would you like to re-start today?

Philippians 1:5-6 encourages us that “being confident of this, that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Instead of getting discouraged and thinking that because you stopped, there is no point in starting again, let this verse encourage you.  Every day is a new day.  If God gave you that desire, He will enable you to finish it!

It’s a new day!

  • allyson r.

    I plan to restart: Searving at Church again!, Exercising, Not going out to eat as much, Following my Budget, Trusting God!

    Great Verse.


  • My start is to be more intentional with my friends and not let life pass by without taking the time to invest in real relationships that matter. Iron can’t sharpen iron if I don’t make time for it!

  • Janet Floars

    That is just what I needed to read today! Many thanks Martha!

  • Since my brain tumor removal I have had so many excuses to just exist. I started today making some new changes. I am going to treat my body as the Lord’s. I am going to fill it with healthy things to nurture and cleanse what I have created. I also want to be financially free of debt. Whatever it takes that is what we are going to do!! I am going to hold my tongue and listen to the words I say before I speak them. I desire so much for my marriage to walk closer with the Lord. Pray for my children more fervently. Tithe as we have been commanded to do with the Lords money!! Thanks Martha for starting this blog.

  • Your words were timely. Thank you. Can’t wait to read more.