Staff Meeting and Corporate Keys

This past Tuesday, we had the privilege of having Pastor John Collins from Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, California, (a dynamic church that Pastor Greg Laurie started back in the 70’s and has grown to over 12,000 people in southern California) speak to our ministry staff. Pastor John has been the Associate Pastor for Pastor Greg for 23 years and one of his responsibilities is to oversee all of the Harvest Crusades around the world. Here are some of the points that Pastor John shared with our staff…
27 Corporate Keys:
1. Be About Our Father’s Business – Are we playing church or getting people into the Kingdom?
2. Know You Are Called – as ministers we must know that we are called by God. Be addicted to ministry, I Corinthians 15.
3. Don’t Be Possessed By Your Position – Blessed are the flexible.
4. Build a Culture That Reflects Your Calling – Keep the main thing the main thing.
5. Growing A Family Not A Corporation – Everyone needs to feel connected. Don’t get the “star mentality”… but be a team player.
6. Honor Your Moses – Honor your Pastor. Help move the ball down the field.
7. Pray Together.

  • Martha

    It is amazing to see who God keeps bringing to our church. May we never take for granted these men and women of the faith God is bringing our way. Let’s learn all we can as we sit under their teaching. T.D. Jakes said you can tell what God is up to by who he brings your way. WOW! I can’t wait to see all that God is going to do. It is so exciting. “God ain’t building no chicken coop around here” He is building His House.

  • Bruce

    These are really good points for keeping us all in balance as we grow as a church. If we follow these and keeping God as our center, it will be awesome to see what happens!