Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt

Since the beginning of February C3 has been taking part in Project 919, a vision to reach out to the 919 area code! Each month has a different outreach focus. Durng the month of March we focused on the next generation, with specific emphasis on children with special needs and their families. This is a group of families that can easily be overlooked. But, we know that all children are a blessing to the Lord and He has not forgotten about them or their families, and neither have we!  Even though I have never walked this road, we wanted to come along side and be a help and support to these precious kids and their families.

Here are some pictures and testimonies from our Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt that we had Saturday…

20130330 - 70-M

When one of the families came into the lobby I noticed a little boy that had no visible signs of special needs. I walked up to the mom and started talking to her and it turns out that her 3 year old son has Leukemia and has since he was 18 months old. He is currently in remission but has chemo treatments on a weekly basis. Last week they attended an Easter Egg Hunt at a large local park and her son couldn’t keep up with the other kids, was knocked down several times and came home with only one Easter egg. On Monday she was sharing that with one of his therapist and she was told about our Special Needs Hunt and decided to bring him out. There he was sitting among literally hundreds of eggs with a huge smile on his face! His parents were obviously relieved to be able to watch him enjoy an egg hunt, just like a child with no health issues! I went home so thankful to have witnessed that family see that they are not forgotten!

20130330 - 172-M

Just wanted to say thank you for a super time today! Great event for special needs children. Very well thought out! I can only see that improving over the years. The amount of time and effort to put something of that scale on with volunteers running it is never lost on me having worked in Human Resources for Sea World. You all did a GREAT job! I had the pleasure of having Isaac Copeland as my buddy today and he was just a joy to be with. Really great with my son. My son even waved to him as we were leaving which he has only done a few times EVER. Made this momma want to cry. As a single momma, the buddy system was an awesome idea as was the sensory rooms. My little person has autism so honestly I am not certain how I would have managed without my buddy. Just a great time for us today! When you lay your head down tonight, please know you touched many lives today and made a difference. It was a good day for me and my son and you just cannot know what that means to us in our world. Great job! I hope you will do it again next year! Thank you. In Christ, Heather Hankinson

20130330 - 121-M

“One parent, was hesitant to leave their child with the buddy since the parent did not speak English. I ran into them and introduced myself in Spanish. With a little reassurance that her children would be well supervised and taken care of; she agreed to go to have her nails done. One neat thing is that when I escorted her back to our C3 salon,Sydney was at the door to greet her, she had a big smile on her face when I told her that it was Sydney’s grandma was the woman who was caring for her children. She realized we were just one big family who are serving our community. The next time I saw her Axel was with them and she hugged me saying thank you so much for allowing her to have her nails painted and was showing them off.”

20130330 - 59-M

“One parent was surprised that we gave them for lunch for free. They hesitated to join us for lunch because they did not think they had enough money to pay for it. I wish you could have seen the smile on their face and how much they told me they appreciated it.”

20130330 - 100-M-1

My best memory of Saturday was upon entering the multipurpose center I spotted a C3 buddy (young man) who was lovingly spoon feeding one of the larger older boys.

20130330 - 81-M

Here is a breakdown of what an awesome turnout we had…

194 attended (family members etc)
57 special needs children
358 volunteers

As we start April, leave a comment and let me know some ways that you reached out to the now generation during the month of March and/or share a testimony from the Egg Hunt on Saturday!