Soccer Champs!

Gotta brag on my boy… My son Caleb plays soccer in the Greater Cleveland Athletic Association, 10 and under league.  They just finished up their season as league champions and tournament champions, and on top of that they finished the season undefeated!  Caleb played a few different positions but primarily goalie and forward.  I want to thank coach Ed Pollard for doing a fantastic job teaching the kids how to play as a team and how to have fun.  Here’s a pic of Caleb kicking the ball.



(Caleb and Coach Ed Pollard)

  • pipes

    Atta boy!! Great form! Way to go Caleb! Wish we could have been there to watch you win it all! Awesome job! You too, proud Papa!

  • Erin

    Great job, Caleb!! Proud of you and your team!

  • ken

    Way to go Caleb!!!!When you get a chance come to see me!DKS

  • Susan

    That is awesome! I watched Caleb play on Sunday-he is one tough soccer player. Congrats! In case you did not know, the U12 team that C3 sponsors also won after an overtime and then a shoot-out! What an exciting day Sunday was between an awesome sermon and an awesome soccer day. I cried at church and I cried at soccer….

  • Caroline Fry

    You did an amazing job Caleb! And congrats on all the goals you made this past season!

  • Duane

    Great job Caleb! I have got to come check out a game next season. The whole C3 family is proud of you

  • Dan

    Congrads!!! Way to go Caleb.

  • Gwen

    CONGRATS Caleb! I was glad that I could get out to couple of games to watch you. Keep up this summer with your soccer playing skills!