So Many Places, So Little Time

Last week was a crazy,  amazing , and fun week.

Monday and Tuesday I was in Dallas, TX at a  meeting for Executive Women Ministers.   It was encouraging to be around other ladies who do what I do in ministry.

Wednesday and Thursday, Matt and I were in Washington, DC at the National Prayer Breakfast.   President Obama was there, and Tony Blair was the guest speaker along with 4,000 world, christian, and congressional leaders.  One thing I walked away with is that I  must be praying for our leaders.   

BUT the best part of my week was taking my daughter on a mother daughter weekend retreat! (Friday and Saturday) We used the Passport to Purity   study.  It has CD's you listen to, interactive activities, and questions you ask each other.   We talked about God, friends, dating, and other stuff all from the standpoint that God has a plan for our lives, and a way to live to please and honor Him.  We talked, laughed, shopped, went out to dinner,   just had a great time!!  I will never forget this weekend.   We might even start doing something like this once a year.   I also have another daughter and we are putting her weekend on the calendar and Matt will have the privilege of taking  our son.  We are committed to being a part of our kids lives and pouring into them.

I want to encourage you to check out Passport to Purity   and plan a weekend to invest in your student.  You will be so glad you did.

Let's raise up our children to serve Jesus,

PS – Yes, we do sell the Passport to Purity in the Source.

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