Yesterday afte teaching Matt and I were getting a tour of the church.  We were walking around on the 3rd floor looking at where the English speaking service meets. As we walked by a window I looked down and saw these grass huts by a river.  I asked the pastor what is that?  He said those are the slums. I asked why they build their huts so close to the river.  About that time, he opened the window and this horrible odor came sweeping in the church that smelled like an open sewer.  The pastor told me that is not a river, it is where the sewer flows.

I began to ask a ton of questions:  why do they live there? Why do they let their kids play out there?   He told us the government gives them apartments but they rent out their apartments and live there because they can live next to the sewer for free.

I asked, “why do they do this? Is it because they are the low part of the caste system?”  The pastor said no, it is because they need Jesus and they need to let the Holy Spirit  change their thinking.  This is where generations without Jesus being taught a false religion leads you.

not for the grace of God I could be there,  living in a hut next to a sewer without Jesus.

So today if you know Jesus thank him for saving you and giving you an abundant life.  And remember we are blessed to be a blessing.


  • Dana Kincaid

    Thank you Martha, and Pastor Matt for training these pastors so that they can teach these people about Jesus! They need to know that He wants them to live the blessed life, through him! You are a blessing!!!

  • Without Jesus, I can’t imagine what my life would be. Thank you for this very real reminder of how dismal life is without him! Thank you for being willing to go where few choose to go. Praying for a safe trip home.

  • Christian

    WOW this is strong! THank you so much for opening our eyes to this!

  • That is so true Martha- Im sure your heart breaks for these poor people, but just as I saw back in April when I visited Cambodia. Over there the problem is parents selling their children for sex. A generation just like what you are talking about that are so lost and clueless because their minds have been so darkened over generations of being without the One True God. Only He make the true changes that are lasting and can impact generations present and those to come. What you wrote is so true- should these ones learn about Jesus and make Him Lord, God will always be faithfull to them personally. He promises He will and He does. Thank you for reminding us to pray. Because prayer really does change things…… God BLess 🙂
    Becky Watson