Shine His Light!

We made it home from an awesome week at Camp KidJam on Thursday!  We all had a great time!

Group Camp Kidjam'09

Some things I learned about our kids –

1. They are energetic.
2. They like to talk.
3. They need lots of hugs.
4. They need lots of encouraging words – no matter how goofy they are. And they can be pretty goofy.
5. They are a lot of fun to be with.
6. They are passionate little people.
7. They are a bunch of World Changers.
8. They can be clueless at times.
9. They like to eat french fries, sweets, and cokes. (for their meal)
10. They like to talk.


Some of the things we learned this year…

We're going to follow the star.

We're going to shine His light.

Be who He wants us to be.

Shout the Story.

Believe what He says.

Because He won the fight.

Show the World.

Chase the Light.


Memory Verse  John 8:12  I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

Awesome week!  I had a great time with your kids and my biggest prayer is that they know how much God loves them and they live their lives for HIM!

PS…If you love kids….join our C3 Kids ministry team.  Great opportunity to pour into the next generation!


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