Share Our Shoes

I am so excited about Share Our Shoes, our servolution poject that is currently underway at C3.  Every day, millions of people around the world, go without shoes & we have the opportunity to reach out to them by simply cleaning out our closets!

On Barefoot Weekend, March 27-28, we will come, bring our unwanted shoes, and make a difference in our community and beyond!

I wanted to share an awesome testimony that was sent to us this week.  I wanted to share it with you as an encouragement to get involved, and remember, that a pair of shoes can make a major difference in someone’s life!

My husband & I were at the beach this weekend and stopped by a small shoe outlet in Morehead City.  Although I was initially looking for myself, I noticed what a great sale they were having and mentioned to my husband about maybe looking for a few pair of new shoes for the SOS drive; we had previously discussed getting a few new shoes to donate on Barefoot Sunday so people were not always getting someones previously worn shoes (but were still planning to donate old shoes as well).

So my husband asked the Sales Associate where her shoes were that were under a certain price range and she showed him and then asked what size he wore.  I then mentioned they were not for him and then my husband mentioned our church’s shoe drive.  The Sales Associate became very excited and said “you all are going to buy shoes to give away?!”.

Then she immediately started talking about how she wanted to go to Haiti but her husband had been unemployed for 11mos and … (all that comes with a loss of income).  She then shared how she had been praying for a way to help.  She then tells us to wait a minute.  She comes out of the back room with a trash bag and begins to load it with shoes from the clearance table, all the while talking about how “excited she was for this opportunity” and “what a divine appointment” and “blessing” this was for her.  She eventually fills up 2 more garbage bags full of brand new shoes (including New Balance & Sperry’s); we have 3 bags in all.

She asked if we could join hands and pray over the bag of shoes and for those who would be getting them.  So, on a Saturday afternoon right by the register of a shoe outlet, we linked hands and prayed over the shoes.  Please keep this Sales Associate, Kathy and her husband, in your prayers.  She was totally excited to be able to help even in her great need.  And of course, we were excited and thankful too!

God is indeed faithful to the desires of our hearts!

p.s.  And no, I did not even buy any shoes for myself!  🙂

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