Seize The Day – Part 2

Here is Part 2 and the last three points from our Staff Meeting:

3. SET GOALS – You’ve got to get practical and set goals. What good is a dream if you don’t take the next steps.

Set goals in these three areas:

* Individually as a leader

* Personal walk with God.

* Your Ministry area

4. BUILD NEW TEAMS – We can’t think PEOPLE we must think TEAMS, we can’t think projects but teams. Find a need, Build a Team! It starts with finding the team leader so that they can take it over.

5. RECRUITE NEW LEADERS – I shared in ministry staff last week that we need to be proactive in recruiting leaders. Being reactive is waiting to see who all signs up for your teams in August and then attempt to follow up.
Being proactive is when you go ahead right now and identify the 5-10 new leaders that you are dreaming to be on your team. Have a conversation, set up a coffee meeting, cast vision, have them attend your ministry area for a few weeks. Then meet again and have them go through the application process. How cool if August just helps you stack your ministry area not getting names out of desperation.

There are 3 things to look for in key leaders:

  • Character – Do they live with integrity? Is their marriage healthy? Do they have a love for Jesus? Do they have a positive attitude? They they have a whatever it takes spirit about them?
Ex. Southwest Airlines – we hire for attitude and train for talent.
  • Competency – Do they have the ability? Are they teachable and trainable? They need to have enough potential to do the job.
Place your leaders where they are competent. You don’t have to let them dictate where they are going to serve.
  • Chemistry – This is important. There is chemistry when we buy into the culture. There are some people that may be really good leaders but you guys don’t click. It may be that it’s better for them to serve in another area of the church but help them get connected. But every leader doesn’t need to be your best friend either. At the end of the day you need a team that can help you get the job done and build the Kingdom!

So let’s make the most of EVERY opportunity. Let’s seize the day for the kingdom. Our greatest days are ahead!

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