Rocks For The Cross

It’s amazing to see the progress of our new building. I want to thank Ken Stephenson and his team for keeping us on target… in fact we are ahead of schedule.
One of the most exciting things that has happened recently is we just poured the foundation for the 98 foot tall cross that will be the focal point of our new building in front of the courtyard. When they shared with me that the cross was going to be 98 feet I thought that is interesting because our church was started in 1998.
The weekend prior, hundreds of people wrote on the rock the name of someone they were praying for that would come to know Christ. Others wrote the names of their children representing that this facility is being built for the next generation and for the lost and hurting. At the end of each service we put the rocks at the foot of the cross… what an experience!

Tears were flowing down many faces as they prayed for their friends and family before throwing the rock where the foundation was to be poured. Martha and I held hands and prayed for our children and for the lost and hurting. It’s an experience I will never forget. Very soon the cross will be raised and it will forever be a reminder of why we are building this facility. Jesus says in John 12:32, “And when I am lifted up on the cross, I will draw everyone to myself.”(NLT)

  • pipes

    I believe this was one of the greatest weekends we’ve had at C3. So many people were touched by the Rocks for the Cross and I can’t wait to hear the testimonies roll in over the next few months. God bless you!

  • Duane

    It was truly a powerful experience. I was touched by this one couple who had their son’s name on the rock. I was almost in tears when they prayed and had the little boy throw his rock in. I’m sure there are many more stories like mine. It was a weekend that I will never forget.

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