Remembering 2009 – Excited for 2010

Last year we started off 2009 with 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, giving God the first part of our year. So I thought it would be fun to review the year and see all that God did. I just did bullet points, it is 2009 from my perspective, and I know I forgot something but it reminds me of what a great year it was and what a Great God we serve. Maybe this will encourage you to remember all that God has done for you.
2009 in Review

• Celebrated Caleb’s 10th birthday
• 21 Days of prayer and fasting
• Christine Caine came and spoke for the weekend and Chick Night. (had close to 2000 ladies)
• Matt and I went to the National Day of Prayer in Washington DC with President Obama
• Luke Walter’s, missionary to Shri Lanka came up for a weekend. He challenged Matt to share a financial need with the church and that weekend a couple met the need who was visiting C3. (Miracle)
• Gloria and I did our Mother/Daughter get away weekend. (Passport to Purity)
• Caroline and Caleb did the CYT play Oliver
• C3 hosted the CYT play Esther – Gloria was in it
• C3 hosted the All Access conference (Amazing)
• Katie Buss got married and became Mrs. Lee Chatham (she’s my assistant)
• Celebrated Gloria’s 14 birthday
• Matt and I celebrated 17 years of marriage
• Caroline and I went on our Mother/Daughter weekend
• I spoke at Youth Camp
• Chick Night – Leigh France shared her testimony and we collect canned goods for local food banks
• Chaperoned at Kids camp – go yellow team!!
• Matt spoke at Randy Bezet’s church in Sarasota, Fl.
• After homeschooling the girls for 9 years, Gloria and Caroline started NRCA. (I cried)
• Chick Night – Heather Rogers shared her testimony and we collected school supplies for schools in Clayton and Raleigh
• Celebrated Caroline’s 13th birthday.
• Took Caroline and her friend Caroline to the Jonas Brother’s concert. (it was a gift)
• Billy Hornsby spoke to the staff and preached on the weekend
• Accelerate Conference – Rick Bezet spoke. He is Kris Allen’s pastor, from Little Rock, AR
• I started leading a women’s connect group. Loved it!
• Went and saw Brian Regan
• Caleb and I went to the zoo with our homeshcool group
• Chick Night – Michelle Thomas shared her testimony and we collected canned goods for area food banks
• Went to HPC’s Live the Dream Women’s conference
• Family went to Virginia and did a 17 mile bike ride. Gift from the church.
• I spoke at Desert Springs Women’s Conference in Phoenix, AZ.
• Miracle Offering weekend – prayed for those believing for a miracle.
• Pastor Dino spoke for staff meeting and first Wednesday
• Matt, Caleb and I went to a Tennessee Titans game, invited by Kevin Mawae
• Matt and Caleb had their Father/Son get away.
• C3 did 2 Christmas Eve services
• We stayed home for Christmas and I cook the whole meal (turkey and dressing, sweet potato casserole, crunch salad, watergate salad) all by myself.

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