The countdown has begun. (Check out We got the CO and we can move in our new building. That is theoretically speaking because people are still there working on the building. I was going to go put something in my office just because I can, but I decided to wait.

I remember when we moved in our existing building. We were so excited to be in our own space. We had been renting office space and had to pack all the offices up and move them over, that was a huge move. We took our portable sound system and set it up in the worship center because that is all we had. Now I look back and think – Look at all that God has done. It is amazing all that has taken place in the last 5 years.

The Bible says to remember the things God has done. So over the next week I thought it would be fun to remember things that have happened over the last 5 years. So check back and I will keep bringing up the memories.

Of course one of the most special ones our family has in the building is our kids getting baptized. Here is our family on the night one of our daughters was baptized. (if you look closely Matt has hair) LOL!



And here is our son being baptized. Our oldest was baptized at a church we “borrowed” because we were meeting in the elementary school.

What are some special memories you have of our current building?

Can’t wait to hear –


  • Jessica Johnson

    WOW my life has changed so much since I started attending C3. My husband and my 2 girls and I started attending the end of April. I still remember what the sermon was about “Patience” and it was so perfect for me and my husband. We still have issues but with God in our lives now it helps a lot. I have to say my best memory at C3 would have to be the night my husband and I were baptized. I had so many emotions going through me. I grew up going to church in my teens and never really liked going. And this church showed me so much more. It has so much meaning to me. Now I serve in the Care Ministry, I’m in the best Connect Group I could ask for, James helped put the carpet in the church, we became members this month! God has been calling me for years and this church helped me see the way. I’m forever grateful for C3! Thank you! Have a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

  • I remember my first time attending C3 was in our current building. There was this awesome woman who stepped on the stage and delivered a powerful message about Esther!! 🙂 My wife and I still have the notes from that sermon and that day marked the beginning of our journey with C3. We are pumped about being a part of this new phase of C3’s growth…

  • Michelle Thomas

    I would have to say that my most cherished memory would be when Matt and I got married. Even though we did not get married in the “current building” it still holds many memories for us. For those of you who don’t know, Matt and I met at C3. Frank Lacey a past associate pastor and dear friend introduced us and a couple of years later married Matt and I. We were surrounded by our families and closest friends most of whom go to C3 as well. Matt and Martha were also in attendance that day. This guys is just one of the reason our church is growing and reaching people for Christ. At C3 we are taught most importantly Gods word but also to stand behind one another and support each other in the highs and lows of our lives. I feel so honored that Matt and I have been a part of this journey for the last 8 years, and I can’t for the next 8! Thank you Martha for being such a Godly leader and role model in my life, I am truly blessed to have you and your family as part of mine.

  • Janice

    Martha – I remember when we moved into the building…Matt Thomas, Thomas Wilbanks,Chad King and Frank were not married….God sure changed all that….I also remember when both you and Matt fell off the stage (praise God you were not injured); I remember when we could all fit into the worship center for covered dish in particular was a western theme and Matt got to wear a “stetson” and you wore a western jacket with tons of “glitz”…I remember being able to take my friend by the hand and being able to pray for each other…I remember……I’m so thankful for all that you and Pastor Matt have done for my family. I love you all!

  • Marcy

    My two older children were baptized in the old sanctuary in January of 2007. My third was dedicated in the old sanctuary in 2005.