Remember to Laugh

I hope you didn’t miss church this weekend. It was awesome! If you did miss it, you can download the podcast. The bumper to the sermon had me laughing out loud! I’ve watched it 4 or 5 times in the office and then saw it and laughed during all four services this weekend.

Click here so that you can watch it over and over!

Remember, Matt said we need to have laugher in our homes so let this video bring some laughter into your life.

Brian Regan is one of my favorite comedians – he keeps our family rolling with laughter! (He is very clean, by the way.)

So, find out who or what makes you and your family laugh, and remember to bring laughter into your home!


  • Dana

    This week-end was awesome, as always. I loved the spoof at the beginning. It really was funny to my husband and I, as he has AT&T, and we always say those commercial show how their network has the most dropped calls, ha ha. We love to watch Elf this time of year, and our family laughs and laughs at that movie. As Pastor Matt said, we all need some laughter in our families, and sometimes we just laugh at each other, ha ha.