Red Hot Dogs and Red Hot Vision

I am so fired up about our Vision Night this Wednesday.  I have been looking forward to sharing with you all that God has laid on my heart and the vision that God has for C3.  It’s going to be a powerful night of worship, baptism celebration and vision casting.  I really feel like this could be one of those defining moments at C3… a night where we not only hear the vision, but embrace the God of the vision.  My prayer is that we would not just experience great night or even a great year… but that we would be a part of a movement that would reach far beyond our local community. 

And don’t forget that we will not only hear a Red Hot Vision but we are going to have a Red Hot Dog Fellowship beginning at 5:30pm! Those of you who aren’t from Eastern NC may wonder what a red hot dog is… you’ll have to come and find out.  (We will have some brown hot dogs by the way)

Here’s a question for you…. Who has the best hot dogs?
A.    Oscar Mayer
B.    Ball Park Franks
C.    Carolina Packer (Red Hot Dogs)
D.    Hebrew National
E.    Other

I will announce the winner at Vision Night!

  • Karen

    I vote for everything that’s NOT RED!!!

  • rob

    Ball Park Franks, all beef (organic — NOT!)

  • Erin

    There are no hot dogs other than Carolina Packers!!!

  • Cory

    Hebrew National is the best Hot Dog ever made, it is comparatively the “Filet Mignon” of Hot dogs, Beef is the best baby!!!!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about a Hebrew National!!

  • Amy

    The RED ONES!

  • Jennifer

    You mean there are other kinds of hotdogs? I only knew of the red ones. 😉
    GO CAROLINA packers. 😀

  • Carolina Packers
    most definitely

  • Jessica Johnson

    I grew up eating all different kinds of hotdogs….Nathans were my favorite til I moved here to NC! Carolina Packers are the BEST HOTDOGS EVER!!! Especially when they get a little burnt YUMMY!!! And you have to put mustard, chili, onions and slaw to make it a true Carolina Hotdog!!! Can’t wait to eat a few tomorrow!!

  • Duane

    Pastor, you know that red is my favorite color especially for my hotdogs.

  • Gary Pohl

    Hebrew National of course
    Hotdogs from Heaven 🙂

  • Rod

    Red…Jessie Jones though

  • Caroline Fry


  • Melissa and Archie

    It’s gotta be the Red Ones……YAY Carolina Packers!!! 🙂

  • Carrie

    Brightleaf hotdogs are the BEST! Our friends in Charlotte always stop in Smithfield and buy a case when they are here, because you can only buy them within 100 miles of Smithfield. They’re awesome, even if they do turn your bun red!

  • Lisa R.


  • Michelle

    I like Carolina Packers but…. Ball Park Beef Hotdogs has my vote! Sorry Matt:)

  • Dan

    Ball park beef for me!!! Nothing like them at a baseball game!!!! But reds are pretty good too.

  • Marcy

    Sabrett’s are the best!!!

  • Caleb

    Who doesn’t like red hot dogs? Red hot dogs rock!!!

  • Gloria


  • Madison Jones

    I love red hot dogs! I’m voting for Carolina Packers!

  • Blake


  • I’m voting for Carolina Red Packers!

  • Andy Jones


  • Connie Powers

    Hebrew National….hands down. AND if you get the 97% FF, it fits on the wheat rolls.

  • Red Carolina Packer hotodgs!

  • Lee Chatham

    Carolina Packer….Didn’t know there was any other kind until my unsaved friends brought those Beef”of the devil”Hot dogs to a Cookout one time.

  • Glenda

    Ok I am from the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS and we know about good hot dogs! GO BROWN!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Carolina Packers!

  • Jo-Anne

    I have to represent the NY,NJ area. The best hotdogs in the world are Sabrette’s. Walk around Manhatten and every “wennie wagon” vendor serves only Sabretts’s. Even Lowes (next to Cracker Barrel) sells SABRETTE’S.

  • Jennifer Bullock

    I won’t eat anything but the red. I mean we are living in Jo Co. aren’t we? 🙂 Once you go Carolina Pack….You don’t go back!

  • Ramona Miller

    Hebrew National – the best!