Ready for an Uprising!

This weekend we started a new series at C3 called Uprising, and it was a powerful beginning!  Matt preached a strong message on how to experience an uprising in our relationship with the Lord.  Even if you were there, I would encourage you to listen to it again and be encouraged and challenged by the Truth of the Word.  You can watch it on our livefeed.   

This week Connect Groups kicked off and we are taking the message from the weekend and discussing how to apply it to our lives.  My connect group started this morning and we had a great time together!  I can already tell that God is establishing divine flow relationships in our group, and it is going to be an awesome semester.  

I wanted to share a couple points that we discussed this morning and I hope it encourages you…

To experience an uprising in our lives, we must…

1. Praise God and realize that we are very blessed!  I encouraged the ladies to journal the things that are thankful for in those times when they feel ungrateful, and to celebrate with other people in our lives when great things happen to them.  Sometimes, in our weakness, we can become envious of the good things happening to other people and we can forget to praise God for the blessings in our own lives.

2. Realize how much God truly loves us.  This morning I gave the example that when I have planned the songs for a worship service and they end up going perfectly with the message and the Holy Spirit's presence is so powerful in our services, I can tend to think…'Okay, I know God loves me…I can feel His love in this moment". But then when I am doing, what I consider, the mundane tasks of the day (folding laundry, washing dishes, etc) I can forget how much God loves me even in those moments.  

God will begin to take our relationship with Him to new levels and do amazing things in our lives when we choose (it's a choice sometimes) to praise Him for our blessings and when we remember that He loves us ALL the time.

We read Ephesians 1:1-14 this morning and highlighted all the amazing ways that God shows His love for us.  I encourage you to read this list and ask God to reveal to you which areas you need to be reminded of the most!

He blesses us
He chose us
He gives grace and peace
He lavishes wisdom and understanding
He has redeemed us
He has forgiven us (and continues to)
He has given us an inheritance
He has adopted us
He has made HIs will known to us
He has marked us
He has given us His Holy Spirit
We are His

God wants you to experience an uprising of HIs power and His love!  I'm praying that He would do something new in each of you this week as you remember what He has done.

And, if you aren't in a Connect Group and would like to be, I'd love for you to join mine.  Email me at and we will get you plugged in!


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