Push Through

Here we are at day two, and I know a lot of you are probably starting to experience headaches and sluggishness. You’ve probably already been tempted to give up on the water and drink some coffee instead! But, I want to encourage you to push through! The fatigue will last a day or two, but then you will find that you have more energy and are beginning to feel really good as your body gets rid of toxins.

Our relationship with the Lord is a lot like the fast. There are times when we don’t feel like being in the Word or we don’t feel like going to God first, but when we push through He is ALWAYS faithful to show up in our lives in big ways. The Bible tells us that as we draw closer to God, He WILL draw close to us.

Remember, this is not the Daniel’s Diet, this is the Daniel’s Fast. The purpose of this fast is not to lose weight, it is to draw closer to God in a more personal way.

Here is a great website you can check out with recipes and tips for the Daniel’s Fast.

Keep pushing through,

  • Cathy

    Thank you, Martha, for the encouragement. I have a headache with a capital HEADACHE! Caffiene is evil.
    I’m fortunate to work at home because I’m not in a good mood. However, I did try something yesterday that might help the SWEET need.
    Slice an apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and/or nutmeg. Pop in microwave for 2 min. Add honey and chopped nuts. It’s not chocolate, but it helps. Enjoy!

  • Marcy

    –for your coffee fix try Kaffree. We get it at whole foods. It’s a roasted grain beverage that might satisfy your coffee fix.
    –for a sweet fix, try some grain-sweetened carob chips. We buy them at whole foods, but I think they also carry them at Lowe’s Foods.
    These are just probably “barely legal” 🙂 But they are tasty without caffeine or sugar!

  • Jackie

    I am a witness to the headaches!!! Working at Wendy’s it is such a temptation!! But God has been there with me the whole time!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to try the Taco Soup!! 🙂 🙂

  • Marcy

    Yummy Sandwich —
    2 slices of Ezekiel Bread.
    Spread one slice with hummus. Top with veggies of your choice. I like shredded carrots, fresh spinach leaves, alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, radish slices.
    Top with the second slice of bread (spread that with more hummus if you’d like).
    Have with lots of water!!!