Praying For Harvest #3

Today, we conclude the 3 Day Challenge to pray for Harvest and our prayer focus is the last night of the Harvest Crusade. On Sunday night the RBC Center will be rocking with Third Day and Pastor Greg Laurie speaking the final message of the Crusade. Let’s pray that this will not be just a Christian event that comes and goes… but that there will be an eternal impact on the Triangle area for Jesus Christ! Our prayer today will be led by our Minster of Children, Tami Poland.

I am amazed at your incredible plan! You have worked miraculously to see
Harvest come together by uniting so many churches. I know you have a
remarkable plan for every person who attends. I pray that you anoint Pastor
Greg Laurie with your words and message on Sunday night. I pray that those
who haven’t responded to your call yet, will not leave Sunday night without
settling their eternity. May Your Hand be on Third Day as they prepare the
hearts of everyone in that place for your life giving message. I pray for
every church involved that you will give us arms of passion to reach out to
those who seek You this weekend. Thank you, Father, for what you are about
to unleash on the hearts of our state through this experience! We praise
you, we thank you, and we love you!
Your Servant,

2007 Triangle Harvest—with Greg Laurie, Third Day, David Crowder Band, Toby Mac, Leeland, and more!

  • Jane – The Figs

    thank you, Father, for the thousands of people, whose hearts You’ve been preparing for the decision their making this week-end. i declare that their spirits, hearts & minds are attuned with the worship, the teaching & Your gentle call to them. i believe & speak that the unity between the 200 + churches in the area is strong, even after this week-end. i’m humbled & so privileged to be a witness to what You’re doing. thank You, Heavenly Father. Amen.

  • Al Ballard

    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for such a time as this. A time of reckoning, a time of conviction, a time of repentance, and a time of salvationa as thousands come to seek and worship you Sunday night. Oh Lord let Pastor Greg’s message of salvation touch every heart that hears it in your own special way, drawing those to you that don’t know you as Lord and Savior and blessing those of us that do with a joyous state of spiritual worship as you let us witness a harvest of precious souls for the Kingdom. I pray nothing stands in the way as your will is done and that you might use us as we humble ourselves to serve you. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

  • Duane

    Father God. Place your hand upon the RBC Center this weekend. I pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on that building that has never been seen before. Father I thank you for the lives that will be touched this weekend. Amen