Pray for Your Pastor

Today’s prayer focus is to pray for your pastor.  Matt is my husband, but he is also my pastor, and today let’s focus on praying for him.
Sometimes the weight of ministry can get so overwhelming that a pastor can lose the joy, passion, freshness, dreams,visions, etc.  See satan does not like it when a church is growing and impacting its community and marriages, families, and the next generation and injustices.  He knows if he can get a pastor discouraged or defeated, or worse yet to fail morally, he impacts thousands of people.  Remember satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy.   That includes pastors, their families, and churches.

Matt believes leaders go first.  He would never ask you to do something he is not doing.   He feels God has called him to do  water only for 21 days, and to really press into God.   So he really needs the church lifting him up before the Lord.

Pray for strength, protection, for God to reveal Himself to Matt like never before, for fresh vision for C3,  and vision for the next generation.   As a leader of C3 he has never led a church this size or that is doing some of the things we are doing, so he needs God to give him supernatural wisdom to be the leader God wants him to be.

I heard someone say recently, “I don’t need a buddy in Matt, I need a pastor.”  So during this 21 days of prayer and fasting let’s lift up our pastor.

If you would like to leave a word of encouragement to Matt do so in the comments section and I will make sure he reads them.

  • Katie

    Pastor Matt,

    I am praying that God, working in you, will give you the strength you will need at times, the desire you may need at times, and the stamina you may need. I pray that as you fast, you will be drawn closer and closer to Him as each day passes. That you will hunger and thirst for Him and be fully satisfied. I pray for wisdom beyond measure and clarity like you have never known. I pray that your dreams and visions will increase as your flesh decreases. I pray that God will direct you on every matter, from your relationship with Him to family to leading C3 in this next decade. I pray that His Kingdom will come and His will be done in you and through you the next 21 days.

    Thank you for your leadership and your example. We love you!
    Katie Chatham

  • Heather

    Thank you so much for the work God does through you for His Kingdom. I praise God for a leader like you. The WORD you brought on Sunday was something that I had needed to hear for a long time. My husband and I drive about an hour to hear you bring the Gospel. I am praying for you & your family. I pray that God gives you strength & a clear vision during this fasting season.

  • Lee

    Hey Pastor, Thanks for leading a church thats number one focus is delivering the gospel to people far from God. I pray that god would reveal himself to you more than you ever imagined during this fast as you have sacrificed. You and Martha have truly impacted our life. I pray that as a church we would honor you and be ready to go to war with the enemy in order to fulfill the vison and calling that he has placed on you and C3. Thanks again for your leadership and all you do. Excited to see what 2010 will bring.

  • Kim

    Pastor Matt – You have been such a blessing to this community and I am so grateful that God led you and Martha here. I believe God will bless you beyond your imagination during this fast! I pray for you to stay strong and focused, I pray for God’s armour of protection as the enemy tries to trick and distract you, I pray that blessings be laid on your heart, your life, your family, and our church. I pray that God shows you where C3 needs to minister and that he gives you His wisdom and His will to lead us there.

  • Carol

    Matt- you are very much appreciated and I pray for your strength and perserverence with this fast to reveal God’s plan for both yourself and C3. If it wasn’t for C3 our family would not be the Christians we are today. I thank God for your guidance and leadership throughout the years and for years to come!

  • Betsy

    Just wanted to say thanks for being so real, and always reminding me God loves me.
    Only God knows how much those words mean to me. I always though that I had to be really good for God to love me, but now I know that he loves me, no matter what! Thanks again, and continue reminding the world, that God loves them too.
    God bless you and your beautiful family

  • Allen Jones

    Hello Pastor Matt,

    I’m very proud to call you my pastor, you and your family are in my daily prayers “always”. As you said on Sunday, through Christ all things are possible, I believe you’ll succeed this 21 days fasting and as our family will fast along with you. Go pastor Matt keep pressing on and the church will follow our leader!! God Bless..

  • Dawn

    Pastor Matt,
    It is an honor to call you our Pastor. Our lives have changed drastically since coming to C3 in July, 2001. Thanks for stepping outside of the box and offering something different/relevant in Johnston County. Your messages are always “right on!” We love you and your family and are praying for you always!

    God Bless,
    Derek and Dawn Parker

    P.S. Derek said he would hurt somebody over Pastor Matt :)!

  • Nate Fairfield


    We are fired up up the next 2 and half weeks. The excitement is hard to explain… guess God will have to take the credit. But, that is how our Pastor rolls – living out the desire to make Jesus famous. You inspire us with your authenticity, your heart for each one of us, your willingness to go first, your love for our community, your hope for the next generation, and the list goes on. We pray that you lean in to Jesus like never before and we commit to lean in with you. Pastor, do all that you have in mind … God is with us …

    – The Fairfields’

  • Thank you Pastor Matt for following God and being the example for the church. We are blessed to have a pastor that’s dedicated to read, following and preaching the word of God. So many lives have been changed b/c of your faithfulness in following Christ. May you and your family be blessed. The Jenkins family

  • Elizabeth

    God is doing a mighty work through you, Pastor Matt. I am praying for you during this time of prayer and fasting, and for Martha and your family. May God give you strength, wisdom and guidance. I pray a prayer of protection against anything the enemy sends against you, your family, or our church. We love you!