Pray for Friend Weekend

One of the most exciting weekends of the year for C3 is just a couple of days away. This will be the 8th year that we have had a Friend Weekend and we will also be celebrating 9 years from when we had our Kick Off service in the elementary school.
(Here’s a picture from the early days of C3… In case you can’t tell, that’s me on the right. That was back when I had hair!)

I just have a feeling that this is going to be the best one ever… not just with the amount of people that will be in attendance, but that God is going to do something fresh and powerful in ALL of our lives. I just want all of you to know that I am praying for you and your friends that you’ve invited. Don’t forget it’s not too late to invite someone… And we have 5 services to choose from.

  • Cristal Dupree

    WOW!! Friend weekend was GREAT !!! I was overcome with emotions during this morning service and tonight. Thank you for having Friend weekend. Those I invited came, and I am praying God will bring them back! Have a Blessed week!!

  • Mike Slawter

    It was a blessing to have friend weekend this last weekend. I invited about 15 folks. Two showed up, but they brought 8! GOD answers our prayers. How awesome is it to be a part of C3!!

  • Amanda Boyle

    Friend weekend was awesome, but my comment isn’t exactly about it.
    Well, you know how you talked about driving and traffic & how at first when someone cuts someone off they get really mad, but when that person accidently cuts someone else off they think that the person who they cut off should give them unlimited kindness?
    aha…well I was driving with my mom yesterday and we had just got done dropping off a bag full of stuff to the Salvation Army. As we were driving off and stopping before we turned onto the three-lane highway someone from behind beeped at us. My mom was like, “Why is he beeping?! Why does he want me to go out infront of all these cars?!?! The nerve..” So as we pull out she’s like, “hmmp! There you go sir!” But as she looks back again she’s like “OUR TRUNK IS OPEN!” hahaha, so we pulled over and closed it. Thankfully we didn’t have anything in the back of the van that could fly out and cause an accident. After I closed the trunk and got back into the car your service came to me & I reminded her of it. We just sat laughing for a few minutes at the irony and how we can be so quick to make assumptions at people. It was a lesson well learned. You’re making a huge impact in my life and I want to say thanks!