Planting Churches, Training Leaders & Providing Clean Water

It’s great to be back home in the USA!  The last two weeks we had the privilege
to go to Europe and India and share the love of Jesus. God used us in 3
strategic ways:

  • Planting Churches in
    Europe –
    We spent 2 days training about 30 church planting pastors near
    Gothenburg, Sweden. They were from 10 different countries throughout
    Europe.  This was the first Church
    Planters Roundtable in this city. What a privilege to share with them and spend
    time with them.  I shared my desire
    to stay committed to them to plant life giving, relevant churches throughout
    Europe. These are exciting days in a region of the world that needs the light
    of Jesus! I want to thank the Europe Advance lead team for inviting me and
    for Pastor Thomas Jonsson with Christian Center Church for hosting us!


  • Training Pastors in
    – For the past 7 years I have been traveling to India once or twice a
    year to train pastors and leaders in Chennai, India as a part of Dr. John
    Maxwell’s EQUIP ministry. This was our last training session to these precious
    pastors.  God used us to train over
    500 pastors and church leaders who in turn have committed to training 25
    leaders.  That means we have
    trained over 12,000 pastors throughout South India! It was more emotional than
    I was expecting as I said good bye to these South Indian Pastors. I want to
    thank Pastor Greg Surratt from Seacoast Church in Charleston for inviting me to
    join him in this training 7 years ago. 
    I also want to thank Pastor David Mohan with New Life Church, Chennai
    for hosting us for all of these years. 
    New Life Church was started about 37 years ago by Pastor Mohan and now
    has over 40,000 attend every Sunday. He’s had a HUGE impact on my life and has
    become a dear friend.

Training In India

  • Providing a Well and Church
    in an Indian village –
    We also had the privilege of being a part of the
    dedication service for a well and church in a village outside of Hyderabad,
    India. As we arrived we were greeted with flowers and a cart pulled by bulls. Clean water is in great demand in
    India and in this remote village they are desperate for fresh clean water. The
    leaders of this church shared with me that the well that C3 Church provided is
    the most prosperous and flourishing well in the entire village. 
    So much so that the leaders of the village tried to take it
    over.  But God intervened and now
    the entire village will be blessed by this well that will be a tremendous
    ministry to the church. They are
    also desperate for Jesus in a village that is predominately Hindu. I was overwhelmed
    with the needs and the poverty but it was a great feeling to know that C3
    is making a difference in this village.  

Well image