Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter!

Here we go! We are officially one hour and 25 minutes into the fast! I am so excited about this 10 day journey that we are beginning as we wholeheartedly seek God through fasting and praying.

In the worship program this weekend we included a list of all the foods to eat and not to eat. Also, you can find this list on the website. Looking at the list, you can get a little discouraged, so let me tell you about two things that will save you! Peanut Butter and Ezekiel bread!

How can you eat bread and peanut butter? Well, Smuckers makes an all natural peanut butter that is fast-friendly. You can find it in any grocery store in the peanut butter section along with JIF and the others that are not fast-friendly! Now, this peanut butter is a little different. Before you eat it, you have to stir it up. Since it is all natural, all the oil rests at the top of the jar until you stir it. Then, once you’ve opened it and stirred it, you keep it in the refrigerator. The taste and texture are a little different than the peanut butter you are probably use to, but give it a day or two, and you will learn to love it!

Ezekiel bread is another lifesaver. Why can you eat this bread? Because it is made from organic sprouted whole grains! Now, this will also take some getting use to! Put a little all natural peanut butter on it, and it will be a nice change from fruits and vegetables! You can find it in the frozen section of most grocery stores. Once you buy it and take it home, you will need to keep it in the refrigerator.

So, before you get discouraged, remember to be a little creative!

We’re in this together!

  • Lynn Thomas

    Pastor Matt’s sermon pumped us up today!
    Ronnie is getting creative. He is in the process of making a delicious snack mix all “Fast Friendly”.
    We had a yummy Portabella Mushroom with veggies for dinner.
    Fruit with Raw Honey for the sugar cravings works well.
    Also, we made lemon-aid with fresh lemons, raw honey with water.
    $8.00 dollars will buy you a huge box of sweet potatoes at the NC Farmers market (enough to share and still have extra)!

  • Erin

    Got my Ezekiel bread and a BIG jar of peanut butter..all ready to go! So excited about the next 10 days. Thanks for leading the way!

  • Alice Pohl

    My sister introduced me to that peanut butter and I LOVE IT! Thank you for the tip about the bread! It’s fun to try new things–here’s a recipe for “Crunchy Lentil Salad” that I hope people enjoy–It’s DELISH! :-)( Martha, thank you for all that you do–you are a blessing to us all! Going to go eat some fresh fruit now 🙂 With His Love….

  • Lynn Thomas

    Stuffed Banana Orange Sweet Potatoes
    4 sweet potatoes
    1/3 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
    ½ cup Walnuts, chopped and roaster (350 for 10 minutes)
    2-whole bananas
    Preheat oven to 350
    Wash sweet potatoes and poke holes in the sides. Individually wrap the sweet potatoes in aluminum foil.
    Bake for 45 min to an hour or until done.
    Unwrap the potatoes and gently scoop out the insides.
    In a mixing bowl add the sweet potatoes, one banana, orange juice and mash together.
    Then slice the other banana and gently mix into the potato mixture.
    Scoop the mixture back into the shell and sprinkle with Toasted Walnuts.
    I thought these were very good! Lynn Thomas

  • Marcy

    Another good thing is rice cakes made from brown rice. I like to spread peanut butter & honey on those. I also buy almond butter and spread it on celery and use it as a dip for my veggies.
    If you like mexican food, try these mock tostadas.
    –rice cakes (brown rice) – Quaker makes these try looking in in the health food section at Krogrer
    –Refried beans – I buy ours at whole foods and they have a few different varieties – we like the Refried beans with fire roasted jalepeno and the refried beans with chile & lime – just check ingredients on the can and be sure they are Daniel Fast-Friendly.
    –Shredded Carrots
    –Shredded Lettuce
    Warm beans in pan on stove or in microwave.
    Spread rice cakes with warm beans. sprinkle with shredded carrots (fool yourself into thinking it’s cheese) and top with shredded lettuce.
    For cereal we found puffed brown rice cereal and also puffed corn cereal with no other ingredients (Whole Foods). Have with unsweetened soy milk and honey and top with fresh berries.
    I’m also drinking a super wonderful fantastic juice called MonaVie. Anytime I have a craving or need an energy boost, I take a shot of MonaVie and I’m good to go!!!

  • Lisa R.

    Thankyou for all the recipes and encouragement!! All day, I asked the Holy Spirit to fill me up so I did not worry about what I could NOT have but concentrated on all the wonderful things God has provided in mine and my family’s life. It was a Great day!
    P.S. Cut up strawberries on your peanutbutter sandwich is very tasty!