Pastor Exposed!

I recently met a great guy, Pastor Clay NeSmith, who pastors Barefoot Community Church in Myrtle Beach, SC (what a great place to be a pastor!).  He is currently doing a series at his church called Exposed Pastor and for about 4 weeks he has a camera on him 24 hours a day!  Are you kidding me?  The camera goes everywhere… except the bathroom and the bedroom.  And for that we thank you Clay!  Check it out at He’s doing morning devotions live as well as answering questions on his couch every night. 


Pastor Clay, the camera crew, and his team will be attending the Accelerate Conference at C3 this Friday and Saturday.  That means that the Accelerate Conference will be live on the internet and they will be showing interviews before and after the sessions.  Let’s be praying for Pastor Clay as he continues this series.

  • WN and Julie

    C3 is our home, but when we are in Myrtle Beach, we love Barefoot Community. Welcome Pastor Clay!

  • pipes

    I’ve logged on several times in the last few days to watch Pastor Clay. He is a hoot! Can’t wait to meet him.