Overflow Crowds

The past two weekends, we have had overflow crowds at our 4 services. Our attendance has increased by over 300 since December! Our 11am service has had capacity crowds and we have had a challenge with parking.
You can help by doing the following:
1. Attend Saturday Night! We have two powerful services on Saturday, 5pm and 6:30pm. We have a dynamic children’s ministry, same worship, same passion and same message.
2. If you do attend Sunday morning, please park at Polenta Elementary School next door. This will free up prime parking for our guests.
3. Remember 11am is prime time for those who are guests and for hurting people.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your sacrifice and “whatever it takes” attitude. I am the most blessed pastor on the planet!

  • Pipes

    I can’t wait for our new facility to be completed, but once it is done…we may have the same “wonderful overflow”. Get ready, Ps Matt! The best is yet to come! BTW…The C3 Arts Team is commiting to park at Polenta and “walk in love” until further notice. Thanks for the update!

  • Duane

    You can count on my wife and I to make the walk Pastor. “Whatever” it takes to reach the lost. As Chris said the best is yet to come.

  • Tracy

    As we run into people around town, we’re spreading the word about Saturday night. There was a little resistance in our family when we first started attending Sat night services but now we wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, there’s more room to move around in our seats on Saturdays.

  • Jane from the Figs

    How is awesome is it that it’s necessary to park @ the elementary school???? Talk about exponential growth. Every day I stand in awe & wonder @ how God is moving @ C3 & how He’s bringing people in from the four corners of the earth. Who would’ve thunk that just 1 year ago while living in Miami, that my family would move up to NC & be at C3. If God builds, the people will come from everywhere & anywhere in the triangle. We are those people. God is just awesome!!!!

  • Debra Wyatt

    My husband and I have always come on Sat. nights sometimes with our grandchildren and afterwards go out for Italian food. Its a wonderful way to send time with them away from video games. And my hope is one day they will look back and and see the legeacy we left them was not store bought but in all ways priceless…..God’s word and God’s love.