Our Wedding Day

18 years ago on May 24, 1992, I married my best friend, the love of my life, the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We had tons of friends and family in town for our wedding day.  We had the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner with family, and the big party after the rehearsal dinner with friends and family.  (who’s personality does that sound like?)  We were ready for the big day!!

It was a Sunday morning.   Matt was at church that morning and I was home getting everything ready.   I woke up early and didn’t feel nervous at all.  I finished packing for the honeymoon and went to the kitchen to see mom and all the girls and have breakfast.  I remember mom fixed a breakfast casserole (funny what you remember) and halfway through breakfast the excitement and nerves kicked in and I couldn’t eat any more.  So off I went to start getting ready!

Around noon we left for the church.  It was a 45 minute ride.  I remember lots of excitement and laughter with the bridesmaids.  We got to the church and before I went to get dressed I just walked around the whole church and noticed everything. It was beautiful!

All our family and friends were at the church helping get everything set up and ready.   It was a party!   The goal was to keep Matt and I from seeing each other.  The gentleman doing the video said this was the most relaxed, fun group of people he had been around.  See both of our families knew each other way before Matt and I started dating, so our wedding was like a reunion of old friends.

The time came to line up to enter the worship center, the music was playing, and I just wanted to take it all in. The organ played the big, loud notes announcing it’s time for the bride to come in.  I took my dad’s arm, the doors opened and everybody stood up and I stepped in the moment, took it all in and told myself remember this forever.

It was a beautiful ceremony.  Babbie Mason did the music.   My dad, Matt’s dad, and our pastor all took part in the ceremony.  Matt and I sang a duet and when the pastor said, “You may now kiss the bride.”  the groomsmen pulled score cards out of their jackets.  We laughed, we cried – it was the perfect ceremony!

The reception was a great time with family and friends.  Matt had gotten a limo to drive off in and the driver let the students decorate it.  (Matt was a youth pastor)  As we drove off, we hung out of the sunroof and waved goodbye to a life of singleness and into a life of togetherness.

18 years ago I was blessed with an amazing wedding day, but more importantly I have been blessed with an amazing marriage and life.

I love you Matt – thanks for the best life ever!!!

  • Georgianna

    That was just too sweet for words! OM Gracious! How precious that memory is! Ya’ll really should consider writing a book.

  • Angi

    Come on Martha, show us some pictures! 🙂

  • Christina

    Yeah, “Mrs. Matt Fry!” 🙂 We came here for the pictures to go along with this sweet story. <3 Don't hold out on us!! lol

  • See that’s what I was thinking too! Would love to see the wedding pictures.

  • Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.