Organic Anyone?

Have you noticed all of the organic foods? Organic milk… organic eggs… organic meats… I’m waiting for them to come up with an organic twinkie! My wife Martha has started buying everything organic that’s available. Here’s the deal… organic is supposed to be better for you because they are grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Now we buy eggs that come straight from the mother hen. Actually now I’m kind of into the whole organic thing.
I started reading the book Organic Church recently. The subtitle is “Growing Faith Where Life Happens”. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but the basic point of the book is that ministry happens best not in planned ways, but naturally, organically and often when we’re on our way to do something else. I like to call it “Holy Spirit led”. We have a plan and we set goals but God is directing us and has the freedom to change our plans anytime He wants.
Proverbs 16:9 says,

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”(NLT)

Are you living your life in an organic way? Make sure that you allow God to interrupt your plans this week. We never know what awesome things He’s up to.

By the way if you missed First Wednesday last week you’ve got to check out the podcast. Pastor Steve Kelly shared a powerful and timely message… and you’ll love his Crocodile Hunter imitation.

  • Bruce

    How about some organic red hot dogs?
    Seriously though, that’s a great point about allowing God to interrupt us.

  • Steven

    Pastor Matt great post!!!:) Being organic means we gotta get our hands dirty and work. Clean hearts, dirty hands. WIT

  • Crystal

    That is awesome! Thank you for being an organic vessel for God to use.

  • Pipes

    Organic to me means “real and authentic; nothing added or fake”. I like it. So, I guess you say our vision is to provide organic hope for organic people in an organic world?

  • Debra Wyatt

    There are certainly articles thatsupport the benifits of eating food clost to its natural state, I have a friend who wont eat anything that has a face or gives birth.Studies also support the benifits of free range chickens the premis is that a caged bird has pent up anger and passes that anger on to her eggs which we in return eat/ Eating organicly is always a challenge both with meal prep. and the enourmous cost. We spend a lot more time in the kitchen cooking healthy snacks for our grandchildren I personallty started eating organicly and juicing on a regulsr basis some8 years ago when my grandson was born.