One Prayer

This weekend we are launching a brand new series called One Prayer.  This series is unique because we are joining with thousands of churches around the U.S and the world in this series to pray one prayer… “when the church unites, we have unstoppable __________.”

Many different pastors, including our very own Pastor Matt,  prepared a message via video and  made them available to other churches online.  Each weekend of this series we will hear from a different pastor about what can happen when the church unites!

It’s going to be a powerful series, and you won’t want to miss one weekend!  We are thankful for and Pastor Craig Groeschel who had the vision to begin this series a few years ago.

Imagine with me what the world would look like if we all united together for ONE prayer!


P.S:   Weekend Celebration Times – Sunday @ 9:30am and 11:30am

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