On Our Way to Africa

It’s Tuesday morning. Where are you? At the time of this blog post I am still in the air flying. It is a 15 hour trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Monday morning I got up and went for a run. I knew I was going to be sitting for hours so I wanted to get my body moving. I drank a green smoothie because in Africa you cannot eat fresh fruits or vegetables. We are not there long enough for our bodies to get used to the different bacteria and germs. We have those in America, it’s just that our bodies are used to them. I did all the laundry, changed our sheets and straightened up the house. Then I got dressed and finished up last minute packing.

It’s crazy the things you do when you are going to be gone overseas for 13 days. We all have little crazy quirks about us. What’s yours? You know God knows all of our little quirks and He still loves us. Even likes us. So remember that today.

My house is clean and I’m still in the air.