Need Some Drama?

C3 Church is excited to partner with CYT (Christian Youth Theatre) in hosting Esther this Thursday & Friday, 7:30pm and Saturday, 11am.  All three of our children are involved in this organization and everything they do is first class.  I want to thank Natalie Snapp and her entire Spiritual Twist Productions staff for their leadership and vision.  Here’s a preview of Esther:

Spiritual Twist's Esther: Chosen for Such a Time As This is the dramatic retelling of the well-known Bible story of Queen Esther. The story of Esther is full of drama, heroism, and most importantly of all, an amazing faith in God. We follow a group of young students as they find out through this story just how God works everything out for good. This production features original music and lyrics by Natalie Snapp, Shelley Snapp, and Jason Snapp. Some of the the favorite songs include the humorous "We've Got A Problem Here", through which King Xerxes' advisors inform him that he must banish Queen Vashti for her disrespect. Also featured is "Sackcloth and Ashes" sung by Mordecai as he laments over the Jews' sins against God. And of course the song which sums up the message of the story, "He's Gonna Work it Out".

Esther slide

Join us for this exciting event… bring your family or make it a date night!  It’s free admission so you will need to get here early for good seats.  A love offering will be taken up to help support CYT and their vision of Christian theatre with excellence.  I look forward to seeing you.