My Reflections on Hot Nights

Whenever you try something new there’s no way of knowing how it will go.  So this year God gave us an idea to kick it off 4 consecutive Hot Nights on Wednesday nights while we are fasting and praying for 21 days. And wow I was blown away at all that God did. It was more than just having a few extra services. It was more than having a few amazing guest speakers come in. It was more than having great worship and prayer during the fast. What the Holy Spirit did was bigger than that. It was beyond church activity. It was more about God doing an inner working of the heart. I believe God loves it when His people press in and seek Him with all their heart, especially at the beginning of the year or when we are believing for a supernatural work of God in our lives or church.

If you missed any of the Hot Nights you can watch them here…

So what’s next? I am believing that this year will be a year that we see Ephesians 3:20 in our lives and in our churches. I am believing that we will launch forward as a church like never before. These aren’t days for the church to play it safe or to slow down. Let’s go full throttle as we glorify Jesus and spread the gospel in our community and around the world! Can you imagine?


  • Erin

    This was, by far, one of the best things we have ever done as a church. Every week was an on time teaching and so encouraging during the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting!! So appreciate the Hot Nights and thank you for your leadership and obedience to take this step of faith!

  • Matt: I was able to attend the Hot Nights with Jonathan Wilson & Steven Furtick. Both were particularly impactful to me. I am still struck by Jonathan’s assertion, “I don’t want to die wondering.” And Steven’s entire message, (this will be hard to believe) was almost verbatim a word my wife shared with me & our kids a couple of weeks ago, that we are to dig ditches & God will fill them. I was blown away! Thank you!

  • Hannah

    The last one was the best by far! I laughed and laughed! Me and my Mom loved it!!

  • merv

    I was able to attend when Matt Fry spoke on Ezekiel 37. It was prophecy straight for me, God will bring me back to life and bring me home. Very encouraged.

  • Jill

    HotNights were amazing Pastor! You always say “the best is yet to come!” indeed!! This is just the beginning of all the wonderfulness God will do! Thanking Him for you & the Vision of our church!!!! So blessed to be part of it all!