My Prince Charming

Some of you may have heard what Matt gave me for Christmas – tickets to Broadway Musicals here in Raleigh for the whole season.  However, he didn’t just give me the tickets, he gave me soundtracks to all the musicals and wrapped them individually and gave them to me one at a time.   I have to admit when I was opening the gift I had a smile on my face that said, “thaaaanks, but a CD of Cinderella, Annie, Little Shop of Horrors??????”  But then he handed me the tickets and I was sooo excited!  I love the arts.  I love to be in musicals or go to musicals, plays or symphonies. I love it all!

This past Thursday was our night to go see Cinderella.  Well, it was a crazy day and our second daughter had a softball game, away of course.  So by the time we picked her up, got the kids home, and were ready to leave it was 8:00pm, which was time for the musical to start.  We left anyway because Matt knew I wanted to go.  When I realized we were going to be 40 minutes late and thought about the fact that we had just passed each other all week long, I said “let’s just go out to eat”. So, we did and had a great time reconnecting.  I thought, “Oh well, I’d just have to see Cinderella later”.

On Saturday, our second daughter got a phone call and was told she had won tickets to Cinderella, and that she could go Saturday or Sunday night.   She was so excited because she felt like it was her fault we missed the show.  (It was not her fault – her softball game comes before any musical, always)  So she gave Matt and I the tickets and we got to go Sunday night.

I am so glad we went.  I love the story of Cinderella, and the musical was amazing!  There were colorful costumes, great singers and actors – it was very funny, and very magical!

I know people say there is no happily ever after, but I think there is.  The story of Cinderella doesn’t say life was perfect and she had no problems, it says she was happy till the end.   When you marry somebody who is in love with God and you and you keep God at the center of your relationship I think there can be happily ever after.  I know I’m living it.  My life is not perfect, my marriage is not perfect, but Matt is my Prince Charming and he loves God and he loves me.  What more could a girl ask for?  (He did buy me tickets and take me to see Cinderella after all)

With God there is happily ever after,


  • Jennifer Smith

    Martha. Thanks for sharing that story it was awesome. See dreams really do come true. You just have to BELIEVE!

  • Angi

    GREAT story Martha! You and Matt are a great example for the Next Generation!!!!

  • Kim Callis

    Martha what a great story thanks for sharing.

  • Kristi Servies

    Sweet! I love watching the two of you being REAL and not putting on fake “churchy” masks.

  • Gwen Canada

    Martha, your story made my eyes tear up because I also believe in happily ever in God’s beautiful world! My husband, Kirby is my Prince Charming, who is such a Godly man. Life is so good!

  • Amy

    I think it is so cool that you and your husband’s “happily ever after” is now intertwined into me and my husband’s “happily ever after” AND all of us will get to be a part of God’s “happily ever after”!!

  • Martha-

    I just wanted to tell you how much you inspire me! I am reading about the tickets your husband gave you for Christmas and how that was so special for you. I haven’t met you yet, but I really appreciate how “real” you are. I have have grown up in the church all my life- both sides of my mom and dads parents were ministers. I can honestly appreciate how you seem to carry yourself as a “pastors wife”. Believe me I’ve seen ALL kinds in my 36 years as a christian and literally my whole life experience growing up in and around church and church functions….and I have to say “Yay for you”! For really being yourself and being transparent for so many to take note of. I love that you offer the information about your family and marriage so candidly that although things aren’t perfect- you guys are great! I love when christians act as “real” christians and acknowlege that life can be imperfect, but they find joy and purpose in the journey. Because it isn’t always about arriving really…its about the journey.

    Thanks for sharing a piece of you life with me. I really appreciate it.

    You met my brother in law- Shane Grammer last year. He is the artist that drew up conceptual designs for your childrens themed environment. I will be calling you to touch base. I look forward to meeting you.

    Becky Watson
    (916) 410-4813