Moving Forward in our Health

How many of you enjoyed the message on Sunday? Be honest! If you missed the sermon, you need to make sure you watch it.

Health is a tough subject to speak on, but it is something that I am passionate about. The Bible tells us that our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. We are His dwelling place. It is our honor and responsibility to keep His temple clean and healthy.

After the services, I heard a lot of ‘confessions’ about drinking Cokes and eating donuts! Remember, everything in moderation… 🙂

I also received several emails with great questions already this week, and one of the questions was ‘what are some of the books that I have read on my journey toward better health?’

One of the books that I have read, and referenced to in the sermon, is 7 Pillars of Health by Dr. Colbert. Another great one is the Great Physcian’s RX by Jordan Reuben. Both of these books offer great information and advice about healthy living. You can find them in our Real Hope Resources bookstore.

If you have a question, please feel free to post that on the blog and I will be happy to respond.

Let’s keep going on this journey to health together!


  • Caitlyn

    Hey Martha!
    I was wondering what brand of supplements your family uses? I have been researching them like crazy and I cant seem to find the “perfect one”! Thanks

  • Marcy

    Even before your message on Sunday, I had made a commitment to get healthier this year. I intended to do the Daniel Fast for the month of January, but soon realized that the Daniel Fast is not compatible with breastfeeding (cutting calories too much can impact your milk supply). So we are focusing on mainly fruits and veggies with lean meats and reduced fat dairy. We have a dehydrator to make our own veggie chips and an ice cream maker to we can make our own sweets, controlling the amount of sugar that goes into the ice cream. We are also incorporating P.E. into our homeschool curriculum. Being incredibly sleepless (5 mo. old doesn’t sleep through the night) and needing some extra calories from nursing, I’ve decided, is no excuse to be unhealthy. So we’re taking small steps. Thank you so much for a great message on Sunday!