Moving BEYOND Ourselves!

This was an incredible weekend at C3!  Matt delivered a powerful message (without coffee) on "Giving Beyond the Norm".  It was an encouraging and challenging message and it you missed it, you can check it out here

Here is an excerpt from his sermon.  I included it because it is a powerful reminder to all of us that in order to give beyond the norm we must sacrifice…

"We are in a strategic time in
the life of our church.  God has
clearly given us a vision to move BEYOND where we have ever been before.  He is literally calling us to move
beyond these four walls and to impact the lives of others.  This facility has limitations but our
lives don’t.  As we think “outside
the box” we can reach people with the hope of Jesus that may not have been
reached.  Through technology we can
get the good news of Jesus to more people than ever before.

As we celebrate our 10
year anniversary,
now is a time for us as a church family to re-commit
ourselves to doing whatever it takes with God’s help to move beyond ourselves
and to move beyond where we’ve ever been… to step out on faith and to
experience His power.  Let’s not
slow down or coast.  Let’s not get
distracted or discouraged, but let’s go Full Throttle forward as we accomplish
all that God wants to do in our lives and in our church!

For us to do that is going to
require an incredible amount of Sacrifice!  God’s calling us to be an Above and Beyond church… an Over
and Above church.  Who wants to be
average or normal?  I didn’t sign
up for that!  I signed up to change
the world!  Are you ready for a revolution?  Are you ready to step out like never
before?  God has done amazing
things in our church… not so that we can just sit back and enjoy it but so that
we can move forward with His Love and Grace let others know that He’s an
awesome God!"

What a powerful reminder from the heart of our leader!  Are you ready to move beyond yourself?  This weekend is our Kingdom Builder Commitment Weekend and our Beyond Me offering.  This is our opportunity as a church and as individuals to step out on faith and give sacrificially.  

Matt and I are praying for you and your family as you come together to see what God would have you do.  Remember, great things happen when we sacrifice together!

Let's Step Out of the Boat!



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