More Good Ole BBQ… SC style

On our way home from Charleston, we had to stop by at one of my favorite BBQ places… Maurice’s BBQ. As you all know, Eastern Carolina is the number one BBQ in the world, but when it comes to mustard based BBQ (yes mustard!) it’s hard to beat Maurice’s. When traveling on I-95 through SC, stop at exit 98 and when you get there, tell Ann that I sent you. She’s been working there since the doors first opened (and everytime I’ve been there she’s served me). The original is Maurice’s Piggie Park in Columbia, SC… been there many times when I lived there.

All you BBQ lovers I want to hear from you… what’s the best?
A. Memphis?
B. Eastern Carolina?
C. South Carolina?
D. Other?

Don’t forget this weekend we wrap up our series “What’s In A Name?”…. as we continue studying the names of God. (Our service times are Saturday 5, 6:30 and Sunday 9 and 11am.) I can’t wait to share with you as we experience a powerful weekend.
I want to thank all of you who attend our Saturday night services! You are helping us provide a seat for someone who is unchurched at the 11am service. Last weekend we had about 1,000 people attending our Saturday night services!

  • Michelle

    Without a doubt….Eastern Carolina BBQ is the best!!

  • Ken

    Texas BBQ is the Best. Carolina and BBQ just don’t go together.

  • Crystal Nichols

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it has to be Eastern BBQ. . . Looks like you had fun. . . I’m so glad b/c you deserve the break!

  • Matt

    Memphis – sweet and tangy – can’t beat it!!!

  • Duane

    Eastern is the best!!! Kelli and I are heading to Charleston in March. We will be sure to stop in at Maurice’s then.

  • Al Ballard

    Absolutely Eastern NC without a doubt. My sister lives in Columbia, SC and would argue with me, but she grew up in NC so she really knows Eastern NC BBQ is the best. I’d love to try some of Maurice’s I bet its good also. Glad you had a great time and some good R&R.

  • Debra Wyatt

    Beef BBQ is gest wrong. It has to be pig and the best is pulled .My most treasured memories as a child was after visiting my grandparents, on the way home we would stop at Scotts BBQ.Daddy would geta pound or so of the pulled, For the ride home him and I shared the pig skins.

  • Carrie Lee

    I am getting used to Carolina BBQ, but being from Missouri, I miss Kansas City style barbecue with the tangy sauce I grew up eating. It is very tomato-y and messy and yummy! And where I’m from, Barbecue is something you DO, not something you EAT!

  • Bruce

    I like them all, but I vote for Eastern NC. But I have not tried the mustard-based SC version, as I didn’t know there was such a thing. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Cindy

    Eastern North Carolina has got to be the best. Matt how did you talk Martha into letting you eat some of that unhealthy pork BBQ? :o)