Monday Recap

What an amazing weekend we had this weekend.  We hosted the Watoto Children’s choir.   These are orphaned children that the Watoto Church have rescued.

Pastor Gary and Marilyn Skinner had a vision to put widowed moms with orphaned children and create a family.   I love it that two things God ordained, the church and the family, & the church is helping to create families.

What an amazing organization! They do everything with excellence.    We kept 3 girls in our home as well as their “aunt” that travels with them.   Each adult stays with the same children the whole tour to create security for the children.     Kids are kids no matter where they are from.   Our three girls played and played until Auntie Amy said it was time to go to bed.  And I loved the fact that we all had prayer together before bed.    Creating great family disciplines.

It was hard for me to imagine that the three girls that stayed in our home had lost both parents.  The girls were so young.   When you look at the choir and realize every child had lost their parents, it brought you to tears.   But then to think there are 2,000 at Watoto and all of them have lost their parents, my mind has trouble going there.   And you realize some of these kids at some point were on the street begging for food  – I don’t even want to think about that.

But just like the song they sang “I am not forgotten”  God has not forgotten about them.   He is using Watoto to be the hands and feet of Jesus and rescue them.   However, they need people to support these children so they have the funds and facilities to rescue them.   What an amazing opportunity that I can be a part of rescuing orphaned children.   Our family sponsored a teenage boy that plays the guitar and loves to lead worship.  (He would fit in good with our family)

Just like Stephen shared this weekend, you don’t have to be an orphaned child to feel forgotten.  You can live in Johnston County and feel forgotten.    But God has NOT forgotten about you.   He loves you and has a great plan for your life as you trust your life to Him.

I was so challenged by the ministry of the Watoto Church.   Here they are in a country war torn and full of poverty, and yet their church is making a global difference.   Here we are at C3 so blessed to be a blessing.   Can’t wait to see how God is going to use us to make a global difference for HIS Kingdom.

Pray you have a blessed week,


  • Al

    Pastor Martha,
    All’s I can say is WOW!!! after worshipping on Sunday with the Watoto children’s choir.
    Much went over and more importantly through me as these children sang these songs. One thing that took me back was the fact, as you state, ALL the children on stage Sunday were ORPHANS and most due to violent ends. And yet, they still sang of how magnificent is His name. And I also thought about I wonder how little situational depression, worries over finances, worry over wayward children, worries of jobs, worries over anything any of us would experience if we came to worship with a heart like these children came to worship yesterday. But, the “they had me moment,” came when they started singing their version of Israel and New Breed’s song, “I Am Not Forgotten.” And then your most powerful words right near the end, just was the icing on the worship cake when you stated: “……..God did not give us (Americans(??) C3 folks(??) the abundance He has given us for us to be greedy.” Because of the touch of the Holy Spirit through the Watoto children’s
    choir and your most penetrating words at the end, my wife and I are now proud sponsors of a little 4 year old Ugandan boy by the name of Nathan………And even though only signing up yesterday for sponsorship of this child, I have ALREADY started to receive the blessings from reaching out in faith. Thanks to you, C3 and the Watoto children’s choir bringing the “heart of worship,” yesterday at church!!! Glory!!!!! al.