Monday Morning Recap

What an amazing weekend we had at C3.  Having Rueben Morgan and Ben Fielding here from Hillsong Church was awesome!  We also started a new sermon series called FREE.  Matt preached a great word from Galatians 5.

When we have guests in at C3 the best part is not what happens on stage (even though that is pretty amazing), but it is what happens offstage in conversations and over meals that can affect you personally, or affect your ministry for the better.   That is exactly what happened with Rueben Morgan and Ben Fielding.  Having their undivided attention to ask questions about worship, teams,rehearsals and whatever we wanted to ask was an unbelievable privilege.  Do you realize that Rueben writes songs that are sung all over the world, he’s led worship all over the world, and he’s on CD’s and DVD’s that most of the world owns?  And we had him at C3 – it blows my mind!  There were times in rehearsal and during the weekend worship that I just stood back and pinched myself and said, “That is Rueben Morgan, from Hillsong Church.  I am singing with RUEBEN MORGAN from HILLSONG CHURCH.”

But the thing I loved about these guys was their servant’s hearts and their authenticity.  They were the same on stage as they were off stage.They sat through all 3 services and were so easy to work with. They are all about building up the local church.

That was not the only great thing about the weekend, Matt brought an amazing word from Galations 5.  If you missed the service, you can click here later today to listen to it.

His message was titled, “How to Live in Freedom”.  Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.  He gave a great example that if we are not careful we will live with this idea that we will be free “when”.  When we get our drivers license, a car, move out of the house, graduate college, get a job, get married, have kids, the kids grow up, when our kids can drive, when they get out of the house, etc. We are waiting on our circumstances to bring us freedom.  But Jesus came to give us freedom for today.  In Him there is freedom.

3 things He came to set us free from:

1.  Free from shame and guilt – Matt’s message on Palm Sunday showed us how Jesus not only came to save us but to remove all our shame and guilt.

2.  Free from legalism –  Jesus wants to have a relationship with us not to have us live by a bunch of man-made rules and regulations. .

3.  Set free to serve – Jesus didn’t come for a title, but he took a towel and served others and we need to follow His example.

It was a Psalm 122:1 weekend –  I rejoiced with those who said to me,  “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”

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