My Miracle

During the fast I have been praying for a miracle.   For my skin to heal.  I have eczema and have had it my whole life.   Here lately it seemed to be getting worse and nothing I did seemed to help.

In December I went to a Natural Path Doctor and the first thing she did is to try to help my body heal by changing my diet.  So she did a lot of different tests to see what I was allergic to and see where my body was depleted.

I had some major diet changes because of some food allergies. For example, I was allergic to cane sugar.   That’s a fancy way of saying sugar.  And I was allergic to milk.   Milk is in everything, especially cheese.

So I want God to heal me; clear up my skin and make it where I can eat anything I want.  But that is not His plan.

God has been teaching me a lot during the fast and today Matt’s sermon resonated with me.

One point was if you need a miracle you have to humble yourself.    Can I say that is so true.  You have to humble yourself to ask for help or to go get help.  You have to humble yourself to change.  I used to pride myself on being able to eat anything.   Now when we go out to eat I feel like the world’s pickiest eater.  You also have to humble yourself and ask for prayer.   I told my family what I was praying and believing God for, and then one day when the staff was having a prayer time I felt like God wanted me to tell them, and then this morning I went up to be prayed over.  You have to humble yourself.

Another thing Matt talked about was there may be a delay in our miracle.  It may not happen on our timetable, but we cannot stop believing.  I am believing God is going to heal my skin.  I would like him to do it now, but his timing is perfect.

Another thing in the story was Naaman did not want to go dip in the Jordan River.  But he had to choose to obey.  I didn’t want to change my diet, but if this is the road I must take to receive my healing and take care of my body, which is God’s temple, then I am willing to obey and trust God.

If you missed this past weeks sermon you can listen here.

What are you believing God for?


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