Monday Morning Recap

We were incredibly blessed this weekend to have Lee Domingue of Baton Rouge with us at C3! Lee is an entrepreneur, international speaker and author. His passion for local churches to influence their communities drives him to help pastors and business leaders understand how important they are to each other.

Lee spoke at all three services and spoke at a business leaders’ brunch on Saturday morning! We are thankful for his investment into C3!

If you weren’t able to join us this weekend, you can watch the message here. Also, if you were not able to give, you can give your tithe or offering online here.

1. We are all candidates for promotion.

2. We all have the capacity to promote others.

Genesis 11:31-32 (AMP)

Your God-Given Lane has your…purpose, passion, provision and destiny.

Generosity has no motive, no justification, no response. Generosity just does because Love does.