Monday Morning Recap

This weekend was an incredible weekend at C3! We heard a life-changing message from world-renowned author, Josh McDowell, one of the leading apologists of our time. I encourage everyone to listen to his story of how God took the negative, unbelievable things that happened in his life and how He has used them for good. I heard the message already, but plan to listen to it again.

You can watch the message here. Also, if you weren’t able to join us this weekend and would like to give your tithe and offering, you can click this link to give.


Next weekend is going to be another awesome weekend at C3! Matt is going to be starting a brand new series LIFE, we are going to be baptizing in our outdoor fountain for the last time this summer, connect group sign up’s will be continuing AND Sunday night we will have 2 services in downtown Raleigh!! Join us at the Lincoln Theater at 5pm or 6:30pm and help spread the word to everyone you know who lives and works in the Raleigh area!

Let’s begin praying now for an incredible weekend as we kick off September!