Monday Morning Recap

This week I had the opportunity to preach and I want to thank Matt Fry for the privilege of getting to speak.  

This was the third week of our Shift series.  We have been talking about the Holy Spirit and who He is and what He does.  You can click here to hear the first 2 weeks of the series.

This week I talk about how it is the Holy Spirit that gives us wisdom.   But to  get wisdom you have to learn how to hear His voice.  There are different ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us.   

1.   People

2.  The Word of God

3. Prayer 

When you are trying to discern the Voice of the Holy Spirit you need to know the Word of God, the Bible is the foundation.   Everything has to line up with the word of God.


I focused on how you can hear the Holy Spirit speak to you through the Word of God and prayer.

I use the SOAP acronym and the ACTS acronym when I journal to help keep my focused.

S – scripture

O – observation

A – application

P – prayer


A – Adoration

C – Confession

T – Thanksgiving

S – supplication



I want to encourage you to find a quiet place and to put some worship music on to help create an environment to hear from God.


S – For the scripture I want to encourage you to read Psalm 60 and pick out a verse or two that stands out to you.

O –  Write what you observe in the scripture.

A –  How can you apply what you have observed. 

P –  Now let’s pray it into your life.



A –  Spend time Praising God for who He is.

C –  What sin do you need to confess

T –  List somethings you are thankful for

S –  Who are some people you feel led to pray for.

        Finish out your time of prayer by praying for yourself.


What was something the Holy Spirit spoke to you during your time together?

Below I am sharing my insight  when I read Psalm 60.   Feel free, if you are new at this, to use what the Holy Spirit spoke to me to encourage and speak to you. 

S – Psalm 60:11:12

Oh, please help us against our enemies,

    for all human help is useless.

12 With God’s help we will do mighty things,

    for he will trample down our foes.


O – He will trample down our foes: fear immorality insecurity hopelessness strife boredom not being focused   selfishness self-centeredness laziness 

He will do mighty things:

Increase our Faith

 Make us secure

 Give us hope

  Give us Peace

  Give us Joy

   Help us to focus

   Gives us purpose


A – Human help is useless I HAVE to go to God first. He will help me trample down the things that bring me down.  He will do mighty things in me and through as I trust Him and go to Him.


P –  Prayer


     A –  God I praise You that you are big enough and strong enough to    

            trample   down my foes and you use me to do mighty things.

     C –   I confess that many times I go to human help first and sometimes I     you are always with me and you know all things and yet I never go to     you or I go to you last.

      T –  Thank you that you are always there, and you promise to show me     great and mighty things when I seek you.  Thank you that I can     boldly come before you.   That you are my friend!  I love you!

      S –  Today I pray for my family that they will know that they were created for greatness and You want to use them to do great and     mighty things.  I pray they will go to you first and not human help.  I pray they will never seek this world advise but always godly   counsel.

God I pray for__________________________ they are facing a mighty foe of cancer and is very scared and fearful and I pray they will know You can do mighty things.  You can heal and so I ask You to give them the FAITH to trust You for their healing in Jesus Name!

Help me today to not let my foes trample me down but I know that whatever comes my way you are going to give me the wisdom I need to do all that you have called me to.   I can’t believe you chose me to do great and mighty things through but I am so honored.  I love you! 


Listen – what is God saying to me………………

I would love to hear what scripture you choose and something that God is speaking to you through it. You can click on Comments and share it with me there!

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  • Ramona

    This was an awesome message! The practicality of steps to discern and know the voice of the Holy Spirit was wonderful to hear. I had a wonderful time in the word! Thanks for posting your points.