Michelle’s Redemptive Story

This weekend we started the Walk to the Cross series, and focused on the life of Mary Magdelene.  The story of Mary’s life in John 12 is a story of extravagant giving and redemption.  Mary had been healed by Jesus from demon possession, and when he entered her house, she worshipped Him extravagantly by pouring perfume on Him.  This extravagant act had a greater purpose, and without knowing it, Mary prepared Jesus for burial.

Mary’s story is one of redemption.  Today, God is still working redemptively in our lives.

Each week of the Walk to the Cross series, I am going to sit down with a different lady who has an encouraging story of redemption.

This week I sat down with a great friend of mine, Michelle Thomas, who is a strong woman of God and, like Mary, has a powerful story of redemption.

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  • What a wonderful story Michelle. Thank you Martha for allowing real people, who are willing to be honest with their mistakes and their problems to tell how God has impacted their life. You are both amazing women of God. Thank you.

  • Manda

    The first time I met Michelle, she invited me to her connect group (womens) and I went. We (my husband and children) had been attending C3 for quite a while but I felt like little fish in a big ole pond. It was because of Michelle welcoming me with open arms that I became “plugged in” to C3, or “connected” in a whole new exciting way. I’m so blessed to have met her and know personally how she uses her gifts to glorify Jesus. Listening to this podcast makes me ever so grateful of how God can use all of us. None of us deserve anything but through Jesus we are forgiven and can accomplish everything for Him. Thank you for being so brave and bold to share your heart. You are most special =))