Memories of South Africa

Two weeks ago, I led a group of 17 ladies from C3 (along with Mrs. Jean Ohlerking) to Swaziland and South Africa on a trip with Children’s Cup. While we were there we visited CarePoints, fed children, handed out LOTS of stickers, and served in Mganduzweni, the village of 170,000 people that C3 is adopting to provide a well, a feeding program and build a church! It was such an amazing experience and I’ve asked the ladies on our trip to send me a memory from our trip together to share with you.

This one is written by Debbie Pike. (Thanks Debbie!)

I sit here and think of the days I spent in Africa with 16 amazing women. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to go with all of these amazing women and experience God working in everything we did. I was so touched by even being asked to go, and then I was blessed as extra jobs came in to provide the money needed to go. Everything was in God’s timing. The dates of the trip were perfect for the only time I could leave my job for that many days in a row. This was truly God at work. God orchestrated every minute of every day for us to see Him work in all things. He changed the weather for us. He turned off the power in the store to hold us back just long enough so that we were not in the middle of a really bad hail storm. He had a nice breeze blowing to keep us from being over heated. God used the gifts of each of us on the trip to work out everything so that all flowed so perfectly showing all of us what we can do if we just allow Him to be in control.

Each day flowed in perfect unison. I believe that each of us that went on the trip learned more and were touched more than those we went to serve. Seeing the smiling faces of all of the children, the ladies, the young men and women and Pastor Gideon was unforgettable, but seeing the face of God in each of them is a memory that is etched in my heart forever. God has placed this etching there so that I will always remember how He works in and through all things if we allow him to.
God has given me the opportunity to share his love with my co-workers. Many of them have asked me to share my experiences with them and I am working on a presentation for them. I am not one that speaks out in front of others but I believe that God has opened the door and is waiting on me to step in. I am praying for the courage to step out in faith and allow him to work through me.