Memories from Africa

Jeremiah 42:3 
“Pray that The Lord your God will tell us where we should go & what we should do.”

The words that stick out to me during our Africa trip was “showing off”. God showed off so much in my eyes from our fundraising, to the 1st care point when I got to see my daughter, Ambur, truly be the light of Jesus, to the Safari, to the Leadership college, to the ladies night, to watching our friendships grow, & to seeing prayer be VERY powerful. God just continued to show off as He told us where to go & what to do. 

The most powerful moment for me was the first care point. As we all dove in God showed me that the three teenage girls with us have an amazing gift. Ambur, Emily, & Caroline truly dove in with no fear or judgement & with unconditional love (Jesus’ Love). They not only showed that to the little kids but the teenagers too. It was pure joy to watch God show off in their lives. 

Thank you God for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the life changing trip & to do it with these 16 amazing women of God & especially my daughter. I’m truly blessed beyond measure.

Blog written by Lori Hatcher.