LSU and Carolina… Joe Champion @ C3

There’s a big game this week in the NCAA World Series baseball… #2 Carolina against the LSU Tigers.  Most of you know I’m not a big Carolina fan, but I think LSU is going down.


Speaking of LSU… Joe Champion and his family were at C3 this week wearing their LSU attire and talking smack about how bad Carolina is going to get beat.  Joe is a former football player at LSU (Offensive Guard and Center). 

It was a privilege to host them for a few days. Pastor Joe and Lori started Celebration Church near Austin, TX about 8 years ago and it has grown to a church of over 5,000 people (from 3,000 to 5,000 in the last 18 months).


One of the interesting things about what they have gone through recently is they have had 17 staff changes in the last 18 months.  Some staff just transitioned but a few got pretty ugly and divisive.  Vision divided is Di-vision.  There is only one vision for our church and we all need to stay unified together.

Joe also spoke to a group of about 24 pastors and staff from all over NC during a pastors roundtable/luncheon we had on Wednesday. It was a powerful time of discussing the raw and real stuff of growing churches, and the prayer time at the end was a special time.

Wednesday night Joe spoke to about 300 Kingdom Builders at C3.  He shared about Gideon’s 300 from Judges 6. Here are 7 thoughts of being a Kingdom Builder:

1.    Kingdom Builders Rise Above Recession
2.    Kingdom Builders are Sons and Daughters of the House
3.    Kingdom Builders Make It Happen
4.    Kingdom Builders Are Human
5.    Kingdom Builders Are Givers
6.    Kingdom Builders Are Team Builders
7.    Kingdom Builders Are Winners

(Joe Champion speaking at C3)

You can listen to the entire talk on the C3 Leadership podcast or by clicking here.  We will know soon if Carolina can take it all in the World Series… Who do you think is going to win?

  • dan ohlerking

    when you talk the language of geaux tigers it ain’t just smack. heels need to beware….

  • Duane

    Tremendous evening!!! Pastor Joe had a message that was right on the mark. Can’t wait for this weekend and the next Kingdom Builders meeting. Even though I’m a Pack fan, let me remind those Tiger fans that the Heels did beat them in the first round. 🙂

  • Rod

    GO HEELS!!!!
    What an awesome game that was.

  • Heel49

    Well LSU went down but unfortunately Fresno State did not!
    Try again next year…

  • Al Sutton

    Pastor Matt,
    Know you are very busy, but did want to pass along a short list of things that folks can package in their military transport packages. I have spoken with several folks that have been to Iraq and they indicate the following:
    Water/Sweat Proof Sunscreen
    Bug Spray (highest amount of Deet possible)
    Washing “Powders” (laundry)
    HIGH moisturizing body soap
    HIGH moisturizing body lotions
    Baby Oil
    Foot Care products (powders, creams, intersoles, etc.)
    Female personal hygiene products
    (tampoons especially)
    Microwaveable desserts found on the “SHELF” in the grocery store.
    (these have a good shelf life and will sustain better in shipping them over there).
    Again, know you are busy, so I will shut up and let you get back to your ministry. Got my boxes and will start filling them now to have them back by the first of July!!! Thanks, al.

  • Débora Matos

    I am the church Sara Nossa Terra, here in Brazil! And Pastor Joe Champion has made us a visit … very encouraging since I am grateful that he taught a beautiful word in our church!

  • NotHowAnyofThisWorks

    Real Kingdom Builders would never call themselves Kingdom Builders. They build the Kingdom in mens hearts, not in and of the world.